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Work History of Noxolo Fani

As a skilled contractor, Noxolo Fani has a proven track record in the construction industry. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her expertise in a range of construction projects, bringing her passion and dedication to each project she works on. Noxolo has a talent for overseeing the successful completion of complex and challenging projects, ensuring that they are delivered on time and within budget.

Our values

Our Mission

A specialist firm in concrete repair and rehabilitation, this female-owned enterprise with a youthful presence was established by Noxolo Fani, a seasoned professional in the construction industry, in response to a recognized need for a dedicated specialist in the field. As a leading provider of value-added construction services, our company strives to create successful partnerships with its customers throughout the construction process, with a pledge to foster enduring relationships by surpassing expectations and earning trust through exceptional performance from every member of the construction team.

The need for a specialist whose primary objective is to enhance value through the extension of service life for strategic structures in the mining and industrial sectors was identified. Noxolo Fani, with extensive experience in similar environments in South Africa, is well-versed in the specialized products and techniques necessary to repair both aging concrete structures and those that fall short of desired standards in new construction.

Visionary Growth

Expanding Our Horizons

Our strategic focus on growth, particularly in securing contracts within the mining industry, reflects our ambition to expand our influence and expertise. Our service offerings are diverse, ranging from concrete remedial coating and detailed construction to comprehensive structural grouting operations, encompassing every aspect of modern construction and rehabilitation. We have identified the below which will be part of our key offering.

Our specialists

Our Team

A team of dedicated professionals, skilled in every facet of concrete construction and rehabilitation.



Noxolo Fani

CEO & Founder



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